I am a writer from San Antonio.

This is true because this website contains my writing and I am from San Antonio, Texas. There are no non-broad criteria for ‘writer’ that make sense.

I prefer the term “article” and “work” to “essay”, which I prefer to “blog post”, which is inaccurate as this website is curated and not a log of anything. All of these terms can be synonymous for the same thing, but ‘article’ is the most accurate. This is explained further in Dismantling Officiality, which is about a law degree in age, and is one of my least read articles despite being the most important.

I have several degrees and certifications that do not matter, because they do not make what I am saying true or untrue. I may have more advanced degrees that do not alter the truth of my writing. If this is confusing or sounds like bullshit, refer to the definition of “fallacy of relevance.”

You can reach me via writealfredmacdonald (at) gmail.com. If this fails, you can DM me on Twitter or Facebook.

I am most active at my facebook because it is my public repository for links I believe matter. If you like my links, you can ‘follow’ me without needing to ‘friend’ me.


Information otherwise uncategorized:

This is in case I should ever be killed or jailed and have information about me under dispute.

Superficial: born 1988 / 182cm or 5’11.5″ (6′ when given no decimals) / German-American nationality (one parent German-born, one parent American-born) / “GRN” eyes (from photo ID) / hair type: dark-brown, curly / very light skin (anti-suntanning) / digit ratio: ~0.905 / voice: baritone

Area of Study interests (broad): rationality / philosophy (analytic) / cognitive science / exercise science / pharmacology / rhythm games / sex / comedy

Haidt’s moral foundations: very low care/harm, very high fairness/cheating, very high liberty/oppression, very low loyalty/betrayal, nonexistent authority/subversion, nonexistent sanctity/degradation

Ethics: not sure, though probably some form of rule utilitarianism prioritizing agency and truthseeking heavily if not overwhelmingly.

Various social issues: lying is bad / epistemic rationality takes priority virtually always / you can be more biased or less biased than another person / incivility and verbal attacks are justifiable as social punishment, especially if they encourage good epistemic norms / meritocracy is good and an environment can be “more meritocratic” similar to how a society can be “more democratic” / equal treatment takes priority over equal outcome / most forms of politeness are rationalizations of insecurity, avoidance of conflict, or jockeying for status / humbleness is as immoral as overstating your competence because both are lies / omnivore with no ethical issues, but sustainability is a concern / eliminating sex bias is a subset of epistemic rationality / slut-shaming is bad because it’s sex-negative / gender is a social construct and fitting a gender role does not make a behavior good / but the corollary to this is that you cannot defend cowardice or low-agency behavior merely because it’s ‘feminine’ / society would be better off if it were more direct, honest, and open


Social: zero or as close to zero restrictions as possible. All institutions that function for daylight schedules operate 24-hour. Libraries should have added sections that operate as 24-hour study centers. Public indecency laws should be repealed as they are based on some assumption that sexual contact is especially harmful while platonic contact is not. Obscenity laws should be similarly repealed. Constitutional amendments should be made increasing the extent of speech that is allowed, including the prevention of vague laws against “hate” speech that will be repurposed for the whims of whoever is in power. Augment all efforts to pursue genetic research, including embryonic manipulation. No restriction on birth control, family planning, or any effort to augment human life should be allowed.

Economic: Bans on pretty much anything (speech, drugs, video games, guns) don’t work. I am in favor of drug licenses that allow people to buy any drug provided they can take a class and show competence in the mechanisms and dosing of that drug. Repeal blue laws. Lower drinking age and age of consent to the same age that is allowed for military enlistment, or standardize all three to 18. Legalize any drug that can be demonstrated to have a performance-enhancing effect. DEA should be drastically defunded. FDA should be funded less and the policies that leads to allowance of drugs on the market should be severely loosened; drugs should be approved for any use, not just medical use. Other than that, I mostly align with NPR’s fake planet money candidate.


Big Five Personality (rounded): Openness 70th percentile, Conscientiousness 55th percentile, Extroversion 80th percentile, Agreeableness 25th percentile, Neuroticism 25th percentile from personality-project. On the IPIP NEO I get Openness 99, Conscientiousness 50, Extroversion 90, Agreeableness 15, Neuroticism 25.

Hormones: high testosterone / medium estrogen / cortisol levels are variable. These have many behavioral correlates.

MBTI: ENTP/ENTJ, though no one should take this test seriously.

Sports/work psychology profile: overwhelmingly power/performance model over the pleasure/participation model, and maximizer over satisficer. Metrics are essential for me to care; if I can’t compete with other people, I cease to care. An A in a class means nothing to me if I can’t compare my performance nationally, and if my performance is left to a single person’s judgment, I usually care less due to the weaknesses and biases that make judgments less reliable.

Various psychological disorders frequently invoked as ad hominem on the internet:

Narcissism: 18 on the Narcissism Personality Inventory (so roughly the average for college students)
Psychopathy (LSRP): 20th percentile primary psychopathy, 95th percentile secondary psychopathy (high in both is required for diagnosis; secondary overlaps with ADHD)
Psychopathy (Hare): 11 (30 is required for diagnosis)
Autism/Aspergers: I am below-average on these tests; the average person is more autistic than me, if you’re going by test scores.
OCPD: Never been accused of having this. Still don’t have it though.
ADHD: I score above the threshold for ADHD diagnoses, qualify for diagnosis, and have been diagnosed formally.
ASPD (“Sociopathy”): low/none. No one says ‘sociopath’ anymore.

Metrics of cognitive ability:

Childhood intelligence: I don’t have official metrics of childhood IQ. I was suspended in 5th grade and de facto expelled. I was unable to attend middle school and had inadequate education until 11th grade.
Adult intelligence: I have the typical deficits you’d expect someone with ADHD to have. Otherwise, ~147 combined verbal (Cerebrals CCAT), 800 on the SAT V, and 97th on a GRE practice test. I haven’t been tested for the WAIS. Spatial is lower than verbal; I think around 125-130. Spatial memory (i.e. memorizing a map from first-person POV) is atrocious and possibly lower than average.
Human Benchmark: Google results suggest to me that I have one of the highest non-cheated verbal memory scores on Human Benchmark (218 or “100th” percentile) but I have been unable to get leaderboard information from the creators. My other scores are 94th percentile Number Memory (13) and 97th percentile Visual Memory (~60k), reaction time on a different account is 84th percentile (average)/92nd percentile (peak).
Facial recognition/memory: interestingly, 99th percentile. (I did not think I would be good at it.)

Other miscellanea:

Typing speed: 128 wpm (peak: 140)
Drumometer hits in one minute: above 1020 (bare hands)
Spiciest thing eaten: Da Bomb Final Answer (sauce) / Bhut Jolokia (pepper)
Sexual partner ratio: 90% female / 10% male (a method of quantifying bisexuality)
OKC (mostly for fun; if I used a dating service, it’d be Tinder)
FFR profile / FFR posts (not that interesting, but I’ve been on this website for over a decade)


One thought on “About/Contact

  1. Hey Alfred! I just finished reading your article “Here’s Every Gory Detail You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Sex” and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for writing so straight-forward about this topic. I found it very refreshing to read considering I have my own issues with anal sex and discussing it with anyone else in this world (at least within a 50 mile radius) is just too painful (apparently). Anyways, thank you for the well written article!

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