I am a writer from San Antonio.

This is true because this website contains my writing and I am from San Antonio, Texas. There are no non-broad criteria for ‘writer’ that make sense.

I prefer the term “article” and “work” to “essay”, which I prefer to “blog post”, which is inaccurate as this website is curated and not a log of anything. All of these terms can be synonymous for the same thing, but ‘article’ is the most accurate. This is explained further in Dismantling Officiality.

I have several degrees and certifications that do not matter, because they do not make what I am saying true or untrue.

You can reach me via my personal Facebook or Twitter. Please don’t actually use Twitter if you can help it.

I also have a public page that is my public repository for links I believe matter. If you like my links, you can ‘follow’ me without needing to ‘friend’ me.

The comment box is a formality; I don’t take time to approve/deny comments on this website. If you write a comment it will be “pending” forever.

One thought on “About/Contact

  1. Hey Alfred! I just finished reading your article “Here’s Every Gory Detail You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Anal Sex” and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for writing so straight-forward about this topic. I found it very refreshing to read considering I have my own issues with anal sex and discussing it with anyone else in this world (at least within a 50 mile radius) is just too painful (apparently). Anyways, thank you for the well written article!

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