How to shorten wikipedia links to

  Take (replace “Things” with whatever you typed) remove “/wiki/” change “” to “” example: you’re done: should work apparently no one bothered to make an answer to this that’s indexed by google, so there you go. contact me here / t-shirts / donate

Scarce Corporabullshit Technologist (SCT)

A reality of Corporate Anywherica is that not all jobs are salaried to their value for society at large. Neurosurgeons may be approximately as important as most people imagine, and command about the salary most people imagine, but a lot of highly successful job roles exist as important cogs in a company’s machine that are otherwise […]

Stop Caring About Being Smart

Stop caring about being smart. This does not mean “be humble and think you could be stupid”. That’s still caring by implication. Stop caring about being stupid too. Be okay with being both because you couldn’t care less about both. Say things that will make you seem stupid, or arrogant, or cocky, or dumb. Any […]

Actual Lifehacks I Use

This is an ongoing post that you don’t need an account to view; it will be updated as I think of content. Eventually it will be cleaned up and transferred to this site. In the mean time, enjoy:

Semantic Precision Exercises

Doing these questions will help you practice your ability to use words more precisely, aka better refer to the things you want them to refer to. Key things: The “right answer” is not as important as the process of doing them. The questions get harder. ‘Hard’ = longer time needed for a good answer. If you […]