ADHD terms for ADHD people

This ongoing list is terminology I have coined to help myself minimize ADHD-related thought processes by quickly putting words to the cognitions. If you are not ADHD, this list will not be of much help to you. If you are ADHD, it might be helpful to memorize this list, presuming you don’t have other words […]

systemic vs systematic vs institutional

for fuck’s sake, you illiterate casuals systemic: happening to a whole system. a hormone might work systemically through your body, as opposed to locally (e.g. in your leg). IGF-1 LR3 is thought to be a mostly systemic hormone; IGF-1 DES is thought to be mostly local. it does not mean “done by systems” or “done by […]

Updated forms of contact

My Facebook page is here. If you are interested in good information, but have no interest in contacting me, this is what you should follow. I have a YouTube for commentary here and a personal YouTube here. My graphic design shop is here. My personal Facebook profile is here. This is the best means of […]

A Primer on Facebook Bans

I’ve been looking into Facebook bans recently because I was issued a 7-day ban for sharing an Instagram video of myself playing Flight of the Bumblebee with a dildo on my lips. [link] This is what the ban looks like: Even if you aren’t the kind of person to get banned for dildo music performances, […]

How to shorten wikipedia links to

  Take (replace “Things” with whatever you typed) remove “/wiki/” change “” to “” example: you’re done: should work apparently no one bothered to make an answer to this that’s indexed by google, so there you go. contact me here / t-shirts / donate

Scarce Corporabullshit Technologist (SCT)

A reality of Corporate Anywherica is that not all jobs are salaried to their value for society at large. Neurosurgeons may be approximately as important as most people imagine, and command about the salary most people imagine, but a lot of highly successful job roles exist as important cogs in a company’s machine that are otherwise […]