List of favorite and least favorite things

There is a popular “list of favorites” online that would be useful if not for excesses of over-specific questions that will alienate participants. I’ve improved this list by removing these categories and adding some least-favorite categories, which are conversationally interesting in their own right. If you want to get to know people, this may be […]

ADHD terms for ADHD people

This ongoing list is terminology I have coined to help myself minimize ADHD-related thought processes by quickly putting words to the cognitions. If you are not ADHD, this list will not be of much help to you. If you are ADHD, it might be helpful to memorize this list, presuming you don’t have other words […]

systemic vs systematic vs institutional

because these terms are often confused — systemic: happening to a whole system. a hormone might work systemically through your body, as opposed to locally (e.g. in your leg). IGF-1 LR3 is thought to be a mostly systemic hormone; IGF-1 DES is thought to be mostly local. it does not mean “done by systems” or “done […]

How to shorten wikipedia links to

  Take (replace “Things” with whatever you typed) remove “/wiki/” change “” to “” example: you’re done: should work apparently no one bothered to make an answer to this that’s indexed by google, so there you go. contact me here / t-shirts / donate

Semantic Precision Exercises

Doing these questions will help you practice your ability to use words more precisely, aka better refer to the things you want them to refer to. Key things: The “right answer” is not as important as the process of doing them. The questions get harder. ‘Hard’ = longer time needed for a good answer. If you […]

Lawful Society Bias

I propose a new bias which presumes that most if not all of society can be made effectively lawful, and most if not all instances of a crime or undesirable behavior can be eliminated with enough legal action. Perhaps it’s a subcategory of another, as in circumstantial ad hominem, which is itself a subcategory of the genetic […]

How to know if an argument is worth having

There are, in my experience, two good reasons to have an argument, with sub-reasons of those reasons: 1. Actually convincing people 2. Refining your argumentation You can narrow down whether an argument is worth having by asking yourself questions about the debate, starting with #1. Actually Convincing People: * How many people are watching this […]

On a girl burning alive

When someone is a bigger jerk than a jerk they’re an asshole. When someone is a bigger asshole than an asshole they’re a ‘sociopath’. (The term now, as it has been for ages, is ASPD.) “Sociopathy” isn’t even sociopathy anymore; its primary purpose is to give the melodramatic a word stronger than ‘asshole’ because they’ve hyperbolized […]

Social Justice and Fire Alarms

Janet Bloomfield is a writer for A Voice For Men and has a website called JudgyBitch. I rarely browse these kinds of websites, so had no idea who she was. If she didn’t write for A Voice For Men I would default to suspecting that she’s a feminist writer, because including ‘bitch’ in your name […]