How to know if an argument is worth having

There are, in my experience, two good reasons to have an argument, with sub-reasons of those reasons: 1. Actually convincing people 2. Refining your argumentation You can narrow down whether an argument is worth having by asking yourself questions about the debate, starting with #1. Actually Convincing People: * How many people are watching this […]

1,000 words on a girl burning alive

When someone is a bigger jerk than a jerk they’re an asshole. When someone is a bigger asshole than an asshole they’re a ‘sociopath’. The term now, as it has been for ages, is ASPD. “Sociopathy” isn’t even sociopathy anymore; its primary purpose is to give melodramatic teenagers a word stronger than ‘asshole’ because they’ve hyperbolized […]


This website used to be a good repository of my writing, but not anymore. To clarify: the writing here is near-universally outdated, and many articles are outdated by four years. Writings like PR Disaster and Gaslighting need to be revised because I have simply become far more competent since they were written. They probably will not be, for […]

Social Justice and Fire Alarms

Janet Bloomfield is a writer for A Voice For Men and has a website called JudgyBitch. I rarely browse these kinds of websites, so had no idea who she was. If she didn’t write for A Voice For Men I would default to suspecting that she’s a feminist writer, because including ‘bitch’ in your name […]

Dismantling Officiality

We exist in an era where more people have the ability to write and publish than ever before, but the mentality of many who would take in that writing hasn’t caught up: standards for legitimacy and notability are rooted in organizational status, not independent-of-status factors. YouTubers exist with viewcounts rivaling or exceeding that of popstars, […]