Lawful Society Bias

I propose a new bias which presumes that most if not all of society can be made effectively lawful, and most if not all instances of a crime or undesirable behavior can be eliminated with enough legal action. Perhaps it’s a subcategory of another, as in circumstantial ad hominem, which is itself a subcategory of the genetic […]

How to know if an argument is worth having

There are, in my experience, two good reasons to have an argument, with sub-reasons of those reasons: 1. Actually convincing people 2. Refining your argumentation You can narrow down whether an argument is worth having by asking yourself questions about the debate, starting with #1. Actually Convincing People: * How many people are watching this […]

1,000 words on a girl burning alive

When someone is a bigger jerk than a jerk they’re an asshole. When someone is a bigger asshole than an asshole they’re a ‘sociopath’. The term now, as it has been for ages, is ASPD. “Sociopathy” isn’t even sociopathy anymore; its primary purpose is to give melodramatic teenagers a word stronger than ‘asshole’ because they’ve hyperbolized […]


This website used to be a good repository of my writing, but not anymore. To clarify: the writing here is near-universally outdated, and many articles are outdated by four years. Writings like PR Disaster and Gaslighting need to be revised because I have simply become far more competent since they were written. They probably will not be, for […]

Social Justice and Fire Alarms

Janet Bloomfield is a writer for A Voice For Men and has a website called JudgyBitch. I rarely browse these kinds of websites, so had no idea who she was. If she didn’t write for A Voice For Men I would default to suspecting that she’s a feminist writer, because including ‘bitch’ in your name […]