no. it’s not a religion.

proposal: anyone who uses any variation of the phrase “just another kind of religion” has to defend this claim rigorously, with an extensive rubric of what religion constitutes, and refusal to do so is punished by wedgie from a flag pole.

Scientific atheism is just another kind of religion

Has Capitalism Become Our Religion?

Communism is Religion

The Religion Of Libertarianism

‘Social justice’ as a postmodern religion

Covid is the new religion, and that is the Gospel Truth

“Is rationality a religion?”

Evolution Is Religion, Not Science

Social media as religion – a tale of unexamined desire and (mis-in)formation

Sport as Religion

Is Bodybuilding a Religion?

The Church of Crossfit

The Church of SoulCycle & the Rise of Social Group Piety

Bitcoin – The Religion

Ten Reasons why Linux is really a Religion

If Pokémon Go feels like a religion, that’s because it kind of is

I implore you to stop. it’s not a religion. it never is.

it’s never rico, either.(1)

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