Drafts of mine worth reading that are not on this website

All of the writing linked below is better than the writing currently on this website. (The writing on this website is still here only because of the effort involved in deleting or revising it.)

The writing linked below is not on this website because these are drafts and need serious revisions, if not months of work. I am half-publishing them because, if I ever die for some reason, I’d rather they at least be accessible in shit form than not accessible at all.

Freedom Dive: A History of Rhythm Games

A compilation the best fitness links I’ve found on the internet

how 2 fat loss

On Bio-independence in Ethics & Morality

Thoughts about Feelings: on open relationships & the case for polyamory

Very Important Pussy (I did not write this, but edited this)

Being Right = Thing + Reasons For Thing (in progress for over two years)

On Autodidacticism & Teaching Yourself

Parachutes and Postures: methods of evading analysis and substantiation (in progress for over three years)

Commentary on the under-portrayal of female muscle mass in video games

An explanation of male birth control, its development, and the illegality of testosterone

Birth control’s role in widespread androgen deficiency in women and its implications for the field of psychology

4-FA made me ask... (nsfw)

Stop Making Public Apologies (a better version of the “PR Disaster” on this website)

The types of manipulation on vote-based forums

A short rant on why caring about grades is difficult

Tinder experiment

On Open Relationships

What Information Should You Prioritize?


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