• This website used to be a good repository of my writing, but not anymore.
  • To clarify: the writing here is near-universally outdated, and many articles are outdated by four years. Writings like PR Disaster and Gaslighting need to be revised because I have simply become far more competent since they were written. They probably will not be, for quite some time, because I cannot work for free and am usually broke. I also will not revise these until I have the luxury of working for free, because people are more vulnerable to self-censoring when they are financially vulnerable and I can’t be so sure I am exempt from this generalization.
  • Until then, I have at least 200,000 words of unpublished nonfiction that I intend to publish at some point. Even if I publish a new entry, I can assure you that it’s at most 3% of what I have waiting to publish at any given time.
  • Beyond “freelance writing” or “fitness training” or “tutoring” I do not post anywhere about people I work for (or have worked for) and avoid, at all costs, the kind of employment that has social media policies and HR offices. The former is a muzzle on what you can say is true or false outside of work, and the latter is a muzzle on what you can say is true or false inside of work. People who do not see the various ways that these kinds of workplaces require dishonesty have probably habituated self-censorship and euphemistic communication to the point where they don’t realize they’ve suppressed so much of what they actually think. My life will be better to the extent that I am not reliant on this kind of employment and can write whatever controversial things I want.
  • “Gaslighting” is by far my most popular entry, which needs to be rewritten. Most readers took this to be some kind of professional clarification from a psychotherapist’s point of view. (Hilariously, one law firm asked me to be an expert witness.) The purpose of the article is to discourage a broad and easily misused definition of ‘abuse’, which can in turn lead to pervasive lies and bullshit. Any other purpose is auxiliary or unintentional.
  • I have comments enabled on my blog. This is an error on my part, because I never actually intended to have comments and my website was intended as a showcase of my writing a la Paul Graham’s website. Some day my website will resemble Paul Graham’s a lot, but I need to move domains and web engines and I won’t have the time or money to do that for a while. However, I have left the comment box just to spite people who write belligerent comments that have misread the article or have not reflected on its implications. They will continue to make these despite this paragraph, because they are people who do not sufficiently read, and so they probably will not read this paragraph. I never actually approve comments. I read that I have a comment and delete the email. I have nearly 40 sitting in queue, and no idea what half of them say.
  • My most important article is probably Dismantling Officiality. I should probably rewrite it and call it “Organizational Bias”, but that won’t happen for some time.
  • After having the same About page for three years, I finally updated it.
  • You can probably find what I am currently thinking about on my facebook or twitter. I generally don’t post about what I’m doing or what’s going on in my life publicly, as (1) I consider this unimportant and (2) I would not be interested in the same from someone else.

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