Dismantling Officiality

We exist in an era where more people have the ability to write and publish than ever before, but the mentality of many who would take in that writing hasn’t caught up: standards for legitimacy and notability are rooted in organizational status, not independent-of-status factors. YouTubers exist with viewcounts rivaling or exceeding that of popstars, […]

The Definition of Feminism

“If you believe in equality for women, you’re a feminist.” “Being ‘feminist’ just means you’re for equality.” This is a routine and agreeable assertion that appears every time a video of a belligerent feminist activist goes viral, like the 2012 Warren Farrell protest at the University of Toronto or the 2013 “From Misogyny & Misandry” […]

Leave Burgun Alone

When I watched Keith Burgun argue with someone who dismissed his writing and theories in their entirety, I felt like I had watched an alleyfight in an obscure neighborhood. This wasn’t something familiar to me, it wasn’t clear why they were fighting, and, from an outsider looking in, it seemed like Keith Burgun received an […]


“Why are you naked?” “Because I want people to look at me!!” “Oh.” “Just kidding. We’re promoting body acceptance!” “Oh.” Just recently I learned that No Shave November has its origins in “Movember”, a month-long period where men grow mustaches for raising awareness of prostate cancer. Having tried the No Shave November thing once and […]